Update from the Trenches of Homemade

I’ve been off of school and on break for two weeks, and its been fabulous. I’ve decided that I need to really start working on my plan to become independently wealthy so that I can stay home all day and just CREATE things. And take care of the animals, of course. 

This is an update on some of the things that I’ve been working on, not my usual comprehensive / how-to style, but I’ve got a lot to share! 

My fiancé and I have set a date for the wedding, and in true-blue homemade fashion, I’m going nuts with it. I’ve decided to make my own wedding dress, my own veil, my own crepe paper flower bouquet, my own wedding favors, and print my own invitations! 

No pictures to share of the wedding dress yet (it’s still in a sloppy muslin mock-up that hasn’t had a new, more flattering neckline cut for it yet), or the wedding veil (it’s still inside my head, glorious little fascinator with Russian veil netting), but here’s a picture of the flowers I’m making to tide you over: 


Peonies! And they are crepe paper! Pretty cool, right? Super easy to make. Probably about an hour each, and most of that is cutting out the petals. 

But I promise, this blog isn’t going to be taken over by the wedding zombies. There will be no gushing about whether I can afford individual terrariums for all the guests or whether I’m etiquettely allowed to do this or that. 

In other homemade news, here’s a short list (because if you haven’t already figured it out, I LOVE LISTS): 

  • Eggs Benedict (my first time making AND eating…EVER! Hollandaise sauce, as it turns out, is super easy to make from scratch and in small batches)
  • Chocolate cake (it wasn’t perfect, and it was still delicious!)
  • Stout cheddar (came off the cheese board to ROUND praise and accolades)
  • Heffeweizen / IPA (we aren’t sure what it’s going to be yet, but it sure is fermenting!)

Eggs Benedict: I’m going to share my recipe for Hollandaise sauce because it was seriously the easiest thing ever, and I had no idea. This way you can avoid having to buy it in huge quantities! 

  • 2 egg yolks
  • 4 Tbsp. butter, melted
  • 1/2 lemon, juiced
  • Pinch of salt

Then, all you do is dump the egg yolks, lemon juice, and salt in a blender and give it a whirl. Once those are blended, keep the blender on and SLOWLY drizzle in the melted butter until it emulsifies, which is what gives the sauce its creamy, thick consistency. 



Chocolate Cake: I’m an accomplished baker, and cake has ALWAYS intimidated me. I don’t really have a good reason for this, as I can promise you, people have asked for my hand in marriage (BEFORE my fiancé) over my baked goods. It is not a skill problem. But for some reason, cake has always seemed somewhat elusive, until yesterday, when I made a chocolate on chocolate cake for one of my future stepchildren’s birthdays. One of the pans was a cake pan, one of them was a pie pan (sh*t), the cake was a little dry (overcooked), and it wouldn’t cool fast enough (ten minutes in the freezer whipped it into shape), but the point is, it was perfect: 


And my adorable little boy LOVED it. 

Stout Cheddar: AMAZING, AMAZING success. I was genuinely scared. It had been sitting on the block for about three months, it had something GROWING on the outside, and I thought I was doomed for sure. Also smelled a little like rotten Stout. But, lo and behold, we sliced into that bad boy, and it was the most heavenly, crumbly, tart farmhouse cheddar I’ve ever tasted. It was like little cheddar angels frolicking across my tastebuds. I have been emboldened, possibly prematurely, to become a master cheese maker. 

Beer: this is our new project. We have no idea what it’s going to taste like, but rest assured, an update will be coming in approximately two weeks. We kind of just merrily added a whole bunch of stuff out of a beer kit, and bam! 

IMG_0577 IMG_0578

♦ Stay cool, friends. 


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