An Excellent Reminder

I am literally teetering on the brink of an interstate move. The movers are coming tomorrow (cue the high-pitched squealing of “I’m not ready! No stop!”), and I am almost done packing, but what a process it has been. 

I went into this move feeling VERY sustainable and (not gonna lie) a little holier-than-thou. My salvaged boxes, my hoarded newspaper collection…no buying boxes and bubble wrap for me, no MA’AM! 

And then I started to neatly pack my belongings into my neatly reassembled boxes with my neatly crumpled newspapers and I realized…HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH STUFF. 

Where did it all come from? I firmly cling to the belief that it has been breeding quietly all by itself in the living room, like dust bunnies (also spontaneous breeders), but realistically, I take responsibility for the fact that I have accrued this stuff over the course of six years. And I’ve thrown very little out, because I don’t like to throw things out. I feel wasteful when I throw things out, and because of the research of this blog, I see images like from this terrifying article on waste when I consider disposing of things. 

So, the point of this short-but-sweet post is this: read the article, absorb the pictures. And allow yourself to be reframed just a little bit. This problem is real, it is now. AND, stay tuned for my interview next week with me and my dear friend, Kacey, who has recently reframed her perspective on buying / throwing stuff out. 

Stay cool, friends. 

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