Happy Valentine’s Day!

A sort of last-minute, impromptu Valentine’s Day post…Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Now, here’s the thing. I loooooooove chocolate. When I went Whole 30 last spring, and they told me I couldn’t have chocolate, I looked a little something like this:



According to most paleo sources, the main objection is not the chocolate itself, but the sugar and soy lecithin that most chocolates are filled with (but…sugar! That’s the whole point, silly!)

Soy lecithin and other lecithins are typically used for their emulsifying properties, which mean that they allow oil and water to stick together in direct defiance to nature (ha!). Check out this article from Amanda Greene if you want to know more about soy lecithin.

For chocolate, this means that it creates the velvety smooth, creamy chocolate we love so much and also protects it from fat bloom, where the chocolate fat and solids separate and create wholly unappetizing but still edible grey streaky chocolate.



Ew. But I would be lying if I said I hadn’t eaten chocolate like that in some of my more desperate moments. This blog is all about honesty.

So, I regrettably gave up chocolate for a month, and then I discovered Theo Chocolate from Seattle. They are the bread to my non-GMO butter. The breath to my chocolate cravings. Also, on a side note, you can take an awesome tour of the factory and if you do, you will look like this:



They do almost everything without emulsifiers, its all organic, its American made, its fair trade, and any other signifier you want to put on it that makes you feel like a good person while ALSO getting to eat chocolate.

Not to mention it is purely delicious.

And now, I have a non-GMO, soy lecithin free chocolate to make THESE little pots of joy from Nom Nom Paleo.

So, there is your chocolate-enabling solution for the day, paleo and chemical-free, non-GMO folks!

One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. I am so happy your were able to tour their facility and sample their chocolate. You do look very happy on your picture! LOL


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